100% Great Tasting High Quality Vegan Food

Daily Specials

Next to the tacos, our daily specials are the customer favorite.  Try a different special everyday.  Come early to beat the rush on "Fishcake" Fridays!


Choose from our Berry or Island Flava and add a boost of moringa, chia seeds, or sea moss.

Our Flavas

Specialty Beverages

Taste our homemade sorrel or iced teas made with Kangen water.

Kangen Water

All of our food is washed and prepared with Kangen water.  Change your water...change your life.  Contact us for more information or questions info@veganflavacafe.com

Live Food

Ain't no flava like Vegan Flava!  You won't believe there is no meat or heat!

Organic/GMO Free

Soy Free

Wheat Free